About COMMERZ Inkasso – Our Company Philosophy

Michael A. Rieger

Quality & Liquidity with COMMERZ Inkasso

Since 1988 our goal has been to deliver quality to our customers and to increase their liquidity, as quickly as possible under fair conditions, in order to maintain positive relations between creditor or goods and services provider, debtor and Inkasso. You have provided a product or service for which you are entitled to be paid. We manage the process of credit or related commercial information checks and debt collection without unnecessary or time consuming bureaucratic ailments, your time is valuable and we understand that it is best used productively.

We provide you with personal consulations by formally trained COMMERZ Inkasso account managers.

Our strength is our personal approach and effective communication with the debtor. Our staff undergo continuous training and development within the field. They are our capital!

We look to resolve all debts rapidly and effectively by approaching debtors, in order to find solutions for both parties, taking into consideration the debtors financial situation and ensuring the relationship between you and your customer is still intact while you receive your money.

This philosophy has made COMMERZ Inkassobüro GmbH one of the most successful debt collection offices in Austria.

Once debt collection reaches the point of legal intervention the customer is almost always lost but our personal and efficient approach looks to provide effectiveness in turning a current burden back into a long-term and positive customer.

Quality is the most important factor for us at COMMERZ Inkasso and our full roster of formerly trained staff, along with a young and dynamic management team, are here to ensure that you receive payment and remain liquid.

Like others before, you too can profit from us by avoiding unnecessary payment delays. Our approach to debt collection is personalised to your needs, making the management of your money more effective.