Out of Court Action – Full Service Collection

As specialists in the collection of open debts we look to meet the complete requirements of our customers.

With a custom and personal approach to each request we are able to plan tailored actions resulting  in more effective use of your and our time. Our job is to ensure you receive your money as quickly as possible without additional costs to the debtor. Our system is designed to consistently check all information and details so we can provide a fast and effective service.

One of the most important parts of out of court action is the personal consultations our experienced staff make with the debtor. This allows us to closely look at, and take into consideration, the financial situation of the debtor and, if required, come to a mutually beneficial result. Our goal is to maintain a positive relationship between our customers and their debtors so that they remain a loyal customer while quickly resolving the debt without costly and time consuming court action. We perform the following:

  • Check and verify all data and information for accuracy in our systems
  • Verification of address and details of debtor
  • Delivery of written debt collection notices
  • Verbal reminders of debt collection notices by trained professionals
  • Verification of income and financial situation
  • Verification of debtors ability to pay debt
  • Immediate forwarding of possible objections and deferral request
  • 24h online access to portalAs mediators we seek to consistently uphold the reputation of our customers in
    maintaining friendly and neutral dealing with debtors.Court Action:

In the rare cases that out of court communication is unsuccessful in collecting debts, we will begin joint discussions in advance regarding the plausibility of legal action and the expected success rate or outcome. In the event of legal action we will provide the case to one of our trusted COMMERZ INKASSO solicitors in the name of our customer. Our solicitors are specialists in this field whose expertise lies with cases such as these.

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