Credit Checks Austria

Do you require a credit check in Austria, information regarding a company or a person? We do  the work for you. You can trust our well-trained and highly motivated staff with your requests. Following our inquisition into your request we will provide you with a final report containing details of the requested credit check. We are able to provide this service within Austria under the following conditions:

Cost of credit check – Austria, inclusive of final report via email or fax:


1 x Registration details check 12,00
1 x Address check Salzburg 32,00
1 x Address check Austria 45,00
1 x Employer check Austria 60,00
1 x Company register query 15,00
l Stk. Land register query 15,00
l Stk. Trade register query 12,00

Commercial Credit Checks

ou require credit checks on commercial entities and companies within Austria? We are able to provide you with two types of commercial reports.

With our partners we can assist with online checks quickly, without incurring high costs, by filtering your request through our data pool of 8.5million private and over 300,000 commercial addresses. Additionally there are approximately 600,000 known ‘troublesome customers’, all of which is accessible online. For additional information and conditions please feel free to call and speak to one of our staff members.

If, in the meantime, you are interested in one of the following reports, we are happy to send this to you:

Quick Check Report Austria 20,00
Credit Check Report Austria 30,00

Details on the above mentioned reports:

Quick Check Business Report Austria

  • Identification – does this entity actually exist?
  • Query into the payment history with focus on unpaid or outstanding invoices
    • Credit rating based on payment history
    • Traffic light report
  • Handover of basic information

Credit Check Business Report Austria

  • Identification – does this entity actually exist?
  • Decision-making matrix inclusive of information
    • Credit Scrore – comprehensive credit assessment of the applicant
    • Traffic light decision
    • Balance Score, officials score, consolidated relations
    • Shareholders, in registered form or seat exchange
  • Handover of basic information

In order to go ahead with any of the above we ask that you fill out the online form provided. By providing your details to us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, noted on our page “AGB’s”.

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Pricelist as of January 2015

All of our prices are noted in Euros and show a tax of 20% (as of 2nd of January 2015)