Debt trap Christmas

Most individuals head toward Christmas with financial difficulties and stress already causing them problems. Consumer watchdogs begin the warnings early on with reminders not to overextend and overdraw! The new year, at the latest, is then when this is truly felt and the consequences become apparent. The average expenditure for Christmas presents for individuals of [...]

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How does COMMERZ Inkasso operate internationally?

COMMERZ Inkasso is a member of the ECA, European Debt Collectors, and has partners internationally which are expertis in the field within their country or location. The incurred costs are dependant on that location. You are informed of these, by us, prior to the utilisation of such a partner.

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What costs are incurred by the debt collection?

COMMERZ Inkasso does not have a membership fee. If the debtor pays the Inkasso fees plus interest on the debt along with the initial debt, no further costs are incurred by you. Should the debtor pay you the invoice directly or the case be dropped due to arrangements made externally, Inkasso will charge an administration [...]

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A customer owes me money, what can I do?

Forward the information regarding the open invoice to COMMERZ Inkassoburo. We have decades of experience in the areas of debt collection and our highly trained staff will be able to assist you. We require the open invoice and payment reminders and any communication with the debtor. You can send this to us via email, fax [...]

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Collection Service Fresh & Different

COMMERZ Inkasso offers flexible, complete solutions to increase the liquidity of its customers and decrease their credit risk. Through our high quality collection methods our customers see a more continuous incoming cash flow and clear improvements in their liquidity. This service and its benefits are easily integrated in existing workflows of individuals and entities. The [...]

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