Credit Checks Germany

We can provide you with information and credit checks also in Germany.
You can trust our well-trained and highly motivated staff with your requests. Following our inquisition into your request we will provide you with a final report containing details of the requested credit check. We are able to provide you with this service within Germany under the following conditions:

Cost of commercial reports include send-out via email, fax or mail:


Address Check 18,00
Credit Check 20,00
Address and Credit Check 25,00

Commercial Credit Check

Dun & Bradstreet – Commercial Check 15,00
Commercial Credit Check 35,00
Full Commercial Report 55,00

In order to go ahead with any of the above we ask that you fill out the online form provided. By providing your details to us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, noted on our page “AGB’s”.

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Pricelist as of January 2015

All of our prices are noted in Euros and show a tax of 20% (as of 2nd of January 2015)